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The Stardust Series



Be careful what you wish for...

On my eighteenth birthday, I desired nothing more than the chance to explore the world. Make friends. Maybe even fall in love.

I never expected my quiet, sheltered life in the wilderness to come crashing down around me.

But my dad has been keeping secrets. And after a decade of hiding, the past has finally caught up with us. The past, plus six hot guys with secrets of their own. 

In a way, my wish has come true. Now, I just need to determine whether that's a good thing.


Two weeks...


How can so much change in the span of two weeks? 


I got my birthday wish. I have a new job, new friends, new life. But it came at a cost—my dad. He’s missing, and I’m still no closer to finding him.


To complicate matters, I’m struggling to figure out just who Liam, Knox, Ethan, Chase, Theo, and Jackson are. And, more importantly, what they do.


I’m tempted to rely on them, to trust them. But how can I, when I’m not convinced they’re being completely honest?


I’m adrift in uncharted territory...


Before I met Knox, Theo, Liam, Chase, Jackson, and Ethan, my life was simple. Peaceful. Boring.


Now, boredom is the least of my worries. 


Tensions are rising within the group, and I begin to suspect that my presence is to blame. Worse still, my attraction for all six guys is becoming unbearable. 


If only there was a compass for locating my missing dad or navigating my relationships.



It’s time for a change...


For the last seven months, my life has revolved around Knox, Theo, Chase, Ethan, Jackson, and Theo. They’ve kept me safe, made me laugh, and embraced me as one of their own. 


Now, the unimaginable is happening—I’m turning my back on the life I created with them. 


But no matter how much distance I put between us, my heart doesn’t seem to understand it’s time to move on.




Haley, come home...


I walked away from Knox, Theo, Chase, Jackson, and Liam, believing it was the best decision for everyone. But now that the Bennett brothers are back in my life, my resolve is weakening.


They want me to come home to Santa them.


I should say no. I should tell them this is goodbye. But they are insistent—they have a plan. 


The problem is, it’s a big risk. I want to say yes, but I’m scared it will only end in heartbreak—theirs and mine.



Choose all of us...


With that one sentence, everything changed.


I've fallen hard for Knox, Theo, Chase, Liam, and Jackson. They’re my Polaris, my North Star.


Even so, I feel lost.


How can I be with all five of these incredible men without potentially losing them? How can I not, when the alternative means giving them up forever?

The Stardust Series Box Set

Stardust Box Set 3D.png

Haley’s life may be at risk, but the bigger threat is to her heart.

After a lifetime spent in hiding, all Haley Jones wants for her eighteenth birthday is answers. But she gets more than she bargained for when Knox, Ethan, Chase, Theo, Jackson, and Liam show up instead, turning her world upside down. Though the team of six dangerously appealing guys vows to protect her, she can’t help but wonder whose side they’re really on.

When things heat up with the team, Haley finds herself in uncharted territory, torn between attraction and frustration. Will her growing connection with each of the guys ultimately lead to happiness, or will it all end in heartbreak?

Box Set

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