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Extra Credit



This year at Harbor University should have been a fresh start. My chance to finally get a taste of the independence I've craved for so long.


But one risky choice has caused me to lose everything I've been working toward. Freedom is no longer within my grasp, and it feels like all hope is lost.


My one saving grace? BioGuy. I've never met the student I'm tutoring through the Extra Credit program, but that hasn't stopped him from owning my thoughts and preserving my sanity.





We didn't mean any harm.


We were just trying to pass our philosophy class and save a little money by sharing a tutor. But, now that we've gotten to know GildedGirl, it doesn't feel right to continue deceiving her. 


How do we confess that it's all been a lie? That the person she thinks she knows isn't one guy...but three?

Stolen Song Cover.jpg

Stolen Song

My voice doesn't charm forest animals...


It predicts death.


That's right—I'm a banshee. And I’m locked up in Nightmare Penitentiary with no hope of escape. I don't expect to be rescued by handsome Fae princes, either, since the last ones I had a crush on put me here.


Now, the princes are here to rattle my cage, and they’re just as handsome and judgmental as I remember. I’d tell them exactly what I think about them, but in addition to stealing my freedom, they’ve taken my voice.


**Stolen Song is a paranormal prison reverse harem romance.

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