Risking It Series


Raising the Stakes

Emma Harris lets her best friend drag her to a popular Vegas club, expecting nothing more than to let loose after finals. But, when she catches the attention of three magnetic strangers, and they each begin to pursue her, she wonders if there is more going on than meets the eye.


Unable to deny her curiosity, she lets Shane, Nicholas, and Cole chase her, questioning their motives even as she begins falling under their spell.


When she uncovers the truth, will it ruin everything?


Playing to Win

Will Emma rise to the challenge of dating three men who are playing to win?


After Shane, Cole, and Nicholas accept Emma's daring proposition on New Year's Eve, she begins to question her judgment. How can she handle a relationship with the three sexiest men she's ever met, especially when she should be focused on her final semester of college?


As Emma's feelings for them deepen, she struggles with how open to be about her relationships and whether she can trust the guys after their shaky beginning. When Shane, Cole, and Nicholas prove they’re ready to go all in, will Emma be brave enough to accept what they're offering?


Defying the Odds

When the world bets against them, will the torrid foursome stand together or fall apart?

Now that Emma Harris has fully embraced her relationships with Cole, Shane, and Nicholas, things are looking up. She's ready to finish college and embark on a new adventure with her incredible boyfriends.

But when the outside world interferes, her best-laid plans start to crumble. Will Emma be able to hold on to the ones she loves, or will she be forced to let them go?

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