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Risking It Series

Raising The Stakes e-book Cover copy.jpg

Raising the Stakes

If I've learned anything in my twenty-one years, it's how to play it safe. My rules are simple...


Don't lose sight of the prize in your last year of college.

Don't get distracted by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas.

And don't fall for guys who make you question everything.


I've been doing so well, too...until my best friend drags me to a trendy Vegas nightclub to celebrate the beginning of winter break. I might be wearing my sexiest dress, but that doesn't explain why I've caught the attention of three men who are too rich, too arrogant, and too hot for their own good.


And they're not giving up.


I know Shane, Nicholas, and Cole are keeping secrets from me. The question is—why?


Blame it on my journalistic instincts, but I can't resist figuring out what they're up to. If I'm forced to go on a series of extravagant dates to find the answers I'm seeking, so be it. All in the name of research, right?


But I probably should have reminded myself not to get in too deep. If I'm not careful, I won't only break my rules—I'll risk my heart.



**Raising the Stakes was previously published as a 35,000-word novella and was updated in October 2021 with 15,000 words of new content.

Playing to Win e-book Cover copy.jpg

Playing to Win


On New Year's Eve, I broke all of my rules by betting on a relationship with Cole, Shane, and Nicholas.


Now that the shine of that magical night has dimmed, I'm beginning to question my judgment. I should be focused on my final semester of college instead of fixating on the three sexiest men I've ever met.


But when Cole's estranged brother unexpectedly arrives in Vegas, what has been a pleasurable distraction suddenly feels real. Between acting as peacemaker, meeting Nicholas's aristocratic family, and falling under Shane's spell, I'm more invested in my boyfriends than ever.


If only I could trust that they view our unconventional relationship as more than a game. Maybe then I'd feel comfortable revealing it to the world.


When Nicholas, Cole, and Shane prove that they're playing to win, one question remains—am I willing to risk it all for love?

Defying The Odds e-book Cover copy.jpg

Defying the Odds

Now that I've fully embraced my relationships with Nicholas, Shane, and Cole, everything is falling into place. Instead of dreading graduation, I'm looking forward to a promising career and a future with my incredible boyfriends.


But when outside forces interfere, my best-laid plans begin to crumble. Not everyone is willing to accept our foursome, especially when its mere existence causes an embarrassing public scandal.


As I watch Nicholas cave to family pressures, I realize my happily ever after may be out of reach.

I knew risking it all for Cole, Nicholas, and Shane would never be simple. Still, I can't help but wonder—when the world bets against us, is our love strong enough to defy the odds?

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